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FranchisingWorks is an innovative social enterprise that tackles unemployment by helping create new businesses and jobs through franchising. It provides independent advice and practical support to people interested in exploring franchising as a way into self employment.

The Programme is currently operating in Greater Manchester and Merseyside.

Click here to read about people who have set up their own franchise businesses with our funding and support. Alternatively, watch our video below for more information.

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FranchisingWorks has access to sources of finance to help meet the start-up costs for successful candidates with insufficient financial resources of their own.

This includes its own fund with a £1million investment from Big Society Capital, which is used to invest in franchise licences for unemployed candidates needing extra financial support. See our interview with BBC News for more information.


FranchisingWorks Ltd. Company Number: 7281409. 5th Floor Arthur House, Chorlton Street, Manchester M1 3FH

Supported by RBS Group, NESTA, AGMA and New Economy



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