are you looking to go into business?
have you thought about franchising?

FranchisingWorks is an innovative social enterprise that tackles unemployment
by helping talented individuals to start franchise businesses

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could you go into supported self-employment?

Franchising offers every type of business service and product from trades to accountancy and beauty to kids sports clubs, there exists a succesful proven and approved franchise business model for most micro sectors that can offer a very good living

  • tick

    you do need

    Willingness to work hard
    Drive and enthusiasm

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    you don't need

    Experience in business
    Specific qualifications
    Savings to invest

  • plus

    we offer

    Personal advice and guidance
    Support in financial planning

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If you have any questions about the process of going into a franchise, want to talk through what we offer, or have any other queries, just contact us and we'll be happy to help

workshop workshop


On workshops we introduce you to the wonderful world of franchising, giving you information about the who’s, why’s and how’s of how to succeed in your new business. Take a look at what's available in your area by clicking the button below.

people-talking people talking

one to ones

One to one meetings are offered for people who want to go through the process of becoming a franchisee. We meet personally with you and answer any questions that you have following the workshops, and help you on your journey to becoming a business owner.

our franchisors

We have a wide range of approved franchisors that have been fully vetted and approved by our programme. Below are a few of the businesses that you can look into. If you are looking to franchise your business, get in touch with us and we can offer support and guidance on how to progress.

our partners

We work with a wide variety of partners, on local, national and international levels. Together we are aiming to transform the unemployment space. If you are interested in partnering with us, get in touch.