David Blakey – Business Consultancy Franchise

David Blakey- Business Doctors

In October 2009 David was made redundant from a 25 year career in the construction industry, the last 10 at Director-level. Exploring new options, he set up a small business but found that, without support, progress fluctuated; he decided that he wanted to secure a more stable option and therefore began to explore franchising.

David attended the FranchisingWorks ‘Find out about Franchising’ workshop in October 2012, by which time he’d been without stable employment for 3 years and was keen to start something new. He began to explore white collar business options and identified Business Doctors, which provides specialist business coaching services to SMEs.

Having visited the franchisor and attended a coaching session run by a Business Doctors franchisee, whilst researching his local market and preparing business plans, in March 2013 David secured an £18,500+ VAT investment from the FranchisingWorks Licence Fund and launched a Regional Business Doctors franchise for the Greater Manchester region.

As a Regional Franchisee David has a market of over 20,000 SME’s to which he can offer his services, supporting them to improve their performances. As a result, David’s business positively impacts the Greater Manchester employment market, and David himself also plans to recruit a Sales Manager and an Associate in the business.

FranchisingWorks Business Advisor Annette Dhami comments:

David is an incredibly skilled individual and FranchisingWorks is delighted to provide a boost of support to David so that he can launch his business and support other businesses across Greater Manchester, benefiting both himself and the wider community.