Debutots Franchise Review

Debutots Franchise Review
Debutots Franchise Review

Debutots Franchise Review

Working within the children’s franchise sector you will develop a lifestyle business working around your needs whilst engaging children from 6 months upwards. You’ll be passionate, outgoing and enjoy working with babies to junior school aged children.

Introduction to Debutots:

  • Debutots began franchising in 2007 and have a network of 14 franchisees,
  • Group adventure classes that combine learning and play for children aged 6 months to 7 years.
  • The franchisor is based in Bristol; meets BFA Associate membership standards but is currently a non member.

Qualities they are seeking in a franchisee:

  • Franchisees need to be able to take a sense of pride to run Debutots in their local community.
  • A good understanding of numeracy is also important – to enable them to run the business.
  • No criminal record – DBS will be required
  • Depending on a territory they may need a car. However, equipment is minimal so if public transport links are good then a driving licence is not needed.

Day-to-day activity (typical session):

  • 1) Practitioner would arrive – check room is tidy and clean and set up room and their music.
  • 2) Welcome Children (and parents where applicable)
  • 3) Start class- use class plan to deliver the session (age specific). The class will be planned around a specific story. With babies it is quite multi sensory- using bubbles and puppets and music. In baby story play- welcome song would be played
  • 5) Group moves into the bubbles to find the puppet
  • 6) Once all children have met puppet they listen to a short and interactive story where parents and carers support children to interact.
  • 7) Group is then on their feet and they journey in action through the story.

For older children- no bubbles and puppet- more about using drama techniques- creating an enabling environment for the children to actively contribute to create their own version of the story.

Key Selling Points:

  • Lots of success with English as a second language children and children with communication difficulties.  Empowering environment so Children are more at ease to express themselves etc.
  • Classes are very unique- i.e the use of story and the stories themselves are written by Debutots- and are therefore exclusive to Debutots.
  • Providing a service so that nurseries and schools can outsource with out the overheads of an employee and strong links with national curriculum.
  • Network of franchisees are very loyal and supportive- i.e. a core network of experienced franchisees.  There is a very active franchisee forum- with quick response rates to queries from the network.

Debutots Franchise Review Business Model

  • Franchise Fee: £7,320 + VAT
  • Total Investment: £12,000
  • Established Earnings: Varies dependent on whether Part time/ Full time
  • Funding Available: Upto 100%

Support available:

If you’re interested in starting a Debutots Franchise you may be entitled to FREE start-up support through the FranchsingWorks Programme which includes vetting, research, business planning, financial planning and support in accessing franchise funding. Please complete the enquiry form to book a free consultation.

(*This is not a guarantee of earnings. This figure is based upon performance of previous franchisees within the Debutots Franchise Network. You should conduct your own due diligence to check any figures)