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A successful franchise has a regular flow and pipeline of candidates from a range of backgrounds with a variety of experience. As a Franchisor, you will know the more prepared a Franchisee is, prior to going into business, the greater the chances of their success. At Franchising Works, we explore franchising as an option, assess and select suitable Franchises with the candidate and go on to give full business planning support, including securing finance. This support begins at the ‘Find Out About Franchising workshop‘ and continues for up to 12 months post-start. We work with your own Franchisee support programme to enhance not replace your own processes. If your business does not have a dedicated franchisee support function we can also provide that for you.

Find out about Franchising
A flagship programme providing a high level overview of the franchise market to establish whether the candidate and franchise are a good fit
Introduction to Approved Franchisors
An in depth look at the Franchisors business, their market share, investment level, anticipated earnings and support structures
Business Planning
Full, financial, marketing, communications and sales planning unique to each candidate working with their goals aspirations and financial status
Post-start Support
Up to 12 months assistance and support enhancing the Franchisors activities and ensuring the franchisee’s successful foundations
Out-sourced Franchisee Support
Including sales, marketing & media advice, implementation and support. We can also design a support package tailored to your business

What’s the cost?

The cost of recruiting a poor performing Franchisee could be £, 000’s, time wasted and lost opportunity. We charge a flat fee of 10% of franchise cost for a successful candidate, capped at £2000. For our out-sourced franchisee support this is negotiated individually but is far more cost efficient than employing a Franchisee Development Manager as you only pay when you use us.


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