Module 1 – Find out about Franchising

Module 1 – Find Out About Franchising #FOAF

FranchisingWorks run monthly seminars and workshops for people who are interested in finding out about franchising. Our workshops broadly cover the topics highlighted below.

As a part of increasing access to our services for people throughout the UK each topic has been design as a brief summary in blog form for readers and people interested in running their own franchise business to conduct relevant due diligence on whether this is the right career option.

  1. Find Out About Franchising
  2. What is a Franchise?
  3. The UK Franchising Market – Examples known
  4. The UK Franchising Market, the facts (BFA franchise survey slide)
  5. Components of the Franchisor and Franchisee relationship at start-up and the Franchise Fee
  6. What ongoing support can I expect from buying a franchise businesses?
  7. What is a Management Service Fee or MSF?
  8. What does the Franchisor get out of me buying their franchise?
  9. What is the legal relationship defined by the Franchise Agreement or Franchise Contract.
  10. Why are Franchise agreements time bound?
  11. What is a franchise territory?
  12. Are there any restricted rights to buying and running a franchise?
  13. What is a Business Format Franchise
  14. 10 Advantages of buying a Franchise business
  15. 5 Disadvantages of buying a Franchise business
  16. Are you right for Franchising questionnaire? What do you score?
  17. Typical costs of buying a franchise business
  18. Quick guide to Financing a Franchise business
  19. Your Journey Into Franchising
  20. Things to Consider in Assessing a Franchise

Alternatively, if you are interested in pursuing or looking into franchising further as a route to growing and operating a business then you can book an informal tele-con with one of our consultants by emailing or calling 01614081313.