New Multiply fund in Liverpool City Region

FranchisingWorks Ltd have been award a new pot of funding to help and support people in the Liverpool City region to improve and grow their numeracy skills. This project will be delivered until March 2023.

We have a Free Workshop running around helping people understand , develop and plan their own budgets, giving them confidence in understanding their own money, plus the tools they need to plan and stick to their budgets throughout the year. Helping them build their own basic numeracy skills and being able to share them with friends and family.

This comes at a time when, we are all facing huge challenges in our lives due to the Cost of Living crisis and many of us are struggling with paying our bills and living daily.

Understanding your own Money, Matters, is a workshop were all participants will get the chance to understand, explore and develop their own personal budgets and look where they can alter and change certain factors in their own spending habits that will help them gain confidence.

This project is funded in Partnership by WEA, Multiply and Skills for life.