RBS CEO Meets VIP Bin Cleaning Franchisee

Stephen Hester with Michael Frith

Stephen Hester, CEO of RBS, visited the FranchisingWorks offices yesterday to meet with Michael Frith, a VIP Bin Cleaning franchisee from Eccles.

Michael recently set up his franchise business with finance from both RBS and the FranchisingWorks Licence Fund. Introduced as a beneficiary of RBS loans, Michael described to Stephen Hester his journey from 3 years of unemployment to business ownership.

Formerly a scaffolder, Michael was laid off in 2009 as the recession hit the business for which he worked.  Introduced to FranchisingWorks by his Job Centre in 2011, Michael was supported by the FranchisingWorks programme to set up his VIP Bin Cleaning business offering professional bin cleaning services to the domestic and commercial market in Trafford.

Hester didn’t leave before receiving a full demonstration of Michael’s cleaning equipment.

Michael Frith gives cleaning demonstration