Tip #5 to Recruit Franchisees: Organise Action-based Days

The best way to enthuse your potential franchisees about the model is to give them the chance to understand what it feels like to run the business.  A day in the life of one of your existing franchisees is one of the best ways to to do this. It gives them a feeling of what it is like to be one of your franchisees, and if they like it (which they should if they are suitable!) then they will be raring to get started by the end of the day. They will also start to feel like part of your network, and the initial bonds made with other franchisees will also set you ahead of your competitors.

If shadowing franchisees isn’t possible, consider allowing them to sit in with some other activities (such as sitting in on marketing calls, trying out some of the technical sides of running the business, or watching you make a presentation to potential customers, for example).

Aside from enthusing the potential franchisees, it also is an important way to check that they fully understand what is involved in running the business and are a good fit for the day-to-day activity, improving your recruitment process as a result.