Tip #3 to Recruit Franchisees: Plan Your Events in Advance

We have found that the potential franchisees act more quickly in completing your process (as per tip #2) if you have already set dates in advance for Discovery Days and training courses and laid out what needs to be done before each event.

This provides them with dates to work towards, and allows them to see directly the impact of delay (i.e. if they don’t fill out your application form by X date then they will have to wait an extra X days for a Discovery Day and possibly another month to start training, etc.). This is one of the most effective ways to provide encouragement to complete steps within set timescales and allows you to do so without being pushy or using a hard sales technique. Instead, the individual is in control of the process and – understanding the time impact of each step – is more likely to collaborate with you in completed the process within allocated times.