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Expand my Business

Expand My Business

Are you looking to expand and grow your business through franchising?

The UK Franchise Industry is currently worth more than £13 Billion and it’s growing. There are quite simply thousands of people every year looking to buy a proven business model to operate in their local area.

There are 4 key areas that will need to be assessed before your business could be considered for our Franchise My Business service these include:

Is it Proven
Based on trading history, experience and knowledge of the marketplace we assess the viability of franchising your business. A successful franchise is usually built upon a proven business concept that’s been working for at least a couple of years.
Is it Profitable
It goes without saying that a successful franchise business creates profits for its owners. As a rule of thumb, if you’re happy with the profits and or living you are making from operating your proven business then this is a good sign that it’s franchisable
Is it Replicable
Being able to duplicate your proven and profitable business is key. Asking yourself if someone with the same training, resources and support could get the same results as you in another town, city or territory are all important to franchising your business
Is It Protected
Our Franchise My Business consultants can work with you to look at how we can protect the secrets of your success. Some of the best franchise models that exist today do so because of their ability to protect their brand, intellectual property and product

What’s the cost?

Your initial session with our Business Advisor is FREE and your initial session with our Franchise Consultant is also FREE. Beyond this. In order for you to franchise their business it will require you to set a budget and invest.

The cost of franchising your business can vary considerably depending on what you are looking to achieve, the marketplace in which you will be operating and the structure of what is already in place. Our Franchise Consultants can discuss this with you further.

Next Steps:

Book a 1:1 with one of our business advisors to assess your options. If you’re ready and meet some of the key components in a successful business format franchise then we will look to bring in one of our Franchise Consultants to work with you to franchise your business.

Franchise My Business:

Call 0151 352 8463 or Complete the enquiry form to Franchise Your Business.