” Never stop learning, as for when we stop learning, we stop growing”


FranchisingWorks Ltd  Franchising Works helps people to overcome barriers to setting up their own businesses and becoming wealth creators. We are a social enterprise which has over 10 years’ experience with clients starting a franchise or their own business. We work in the North West region, predominantly in Greater Manchester and Merseyside city region.

Our infrastructures support our core values and approach as a business. We are committed to creating an inclusive society so therefore Social Value is at the forefront of everything we do. We are committed to maintaining a sustainable environment, enhancing social value within the communities we work within. We are a values-based organisation whose mission is to ensure that everyone we work with has the opportunity for a better quality of life through education, skills, training and investment in their own futures. We aim to promote, grow and develop individuals creating better opportunities and futures for them and their communities. 

We understand that the world of employment can be sometimes difficult and stressful for some, so have designed programmes that combats unemployment in a progressive way, offering the client multiple options and pathways, concentrating on setting up their own business or other forms of self-employment.  But we fully understand that self-employment is not always the route for someone and developed the programme to enable clients to receive and gain skills and abilities that would benefit them, no matter what route they decided to take.

Supporting and guiding people by helping them develop and grow. Enabling local people to access the skills they need to obtain employment or progress onto the next stage of their journey. Giving them the access to skills and employment opportunities. Employing people from within the local communities, where possible, providing our staff with opportunities of development and growth. 

We have designed support models that have fully targeted with tailored advice, guidance and support. We typically work with hard-to-reach groups, such as ex-offenders, lone parents, ethnic minorities and long term unemployed.

We have engaged with over 1,200 people nationally, helping over 175 people start new franchise enterprises or their own business. We have fully supported those businesses for their first 12 months to increase the prospects of success, highlighting and overcoming common business obstacles. In addition, we have helped many individuals who decided against self-employment into more traditional forms of paid work.

Our head office and home base in the Merseyside  area, but we operate throughout the UK supporting people into businesses. The majority of the people the programme has supported would not have started a business without the education, support and advice that the programme consistently delivers.