We understand that the world of employment can be sometimes difficult and stressful for some.

Our vision is that people, irrespective of background can put their ideas, passions, skills and experience to work to create sustainable businesses that give them and their families economic independence and encourage others to do the same.

We have designed programmes that combats unemployment in a progressive way, offering multiple options and pathways, concentrating on setting up their own business or other forms of self-employment.

But we fully understand that self-employment is not always the route for everyone.

Our programme to enable clients to receive and gain skills and abilities that would benefit them, no matter what route they decided to take.

Supporting and guiding people by helping them develop and grow. Enabling local people to access the skills they need to obtain employment or progress onto the next stage of their journey. Giving them the access to skills and employment opportunities.

Our programmes support all the community and help people achieve their own goals in life and due to their personal history, lifestyles, family environments have not been able to take advantage of support services in the past, due to various obstacles that have prevented them, from going into employment or training and progressing onto the next stage of their journey.

Helping people gain the confidence and skills they need to take that step to change their lives, due to struggling with uncertainty, vulnerability, and often low aspirations, struggle with traditional employment routes.

We have proven experience working within the community supporting and helping people identify their goals move away from a world of benefit dependency and finding the right job that fits in with their work life balance. Identifying their long-term goals and mapping a route to achieving them, through exploring different opportunities and acquiring the soft skills, experience, networks, and qualifications they need to make it a reality.

Learning that no matter what career/job they want, focusing on self-development, self awareness, planning, wellbeing, entrepreneurial and employability skills and how to market themself, all within a flexible and varied menu of support, is the best way of gain confidence to help them onto the next stage.

Focusing on

• Wellbeing

• Mindfulness

• Confidence

• Personal development

• Time management

• Personal mapping

• Self-awareness

• Goal setting

• Budgeting /Survival budgets Planning

• Marketing yourself

• Personal development plan

• Work life balance

Helping each person discover how they can become more effective in building their own futures, finding the right path for them. Ensuring all individuals are more focused on their pathway and can take a more proactive approach to alternative forms of employment as well as traditional forms of employment.