Basith Ali – PTC Sports – Oldham

Basith Ali - Ptc Sports - Oldham
Basith Ali – PTC Sports – Oldham

In 2013, after 13 years working within the I.T. industry, Basith Ali was faced with some tough career choices after going through redundancy. Rather than letting it become a set-back, Basith took the opportunity to make a career change and start a franchise in a new industry.

Basith joined the FranchisingWorks programme in April 2013 by attending a Find Out About Franchising workshop. He began assessing a variety of options and decided to focus his search on his passion, rather than his area of experience. As a result, he found PTC Sports, a franchise that delivers high quality coaching services for a range of sports and schools.

After rigorous preparation, Basith was successful in launching his PTC Sports franchise for Oldham in December 2013 with a £8,000 investment from the FranchisingWorks Licence Fund. Basith states:

“FranchisingWorks have been fantastic in providing me the support that I needed to setup in business with a franchise. Their highly knowledgeable business adviser worked with me on a one to one basis to ensure that I carried our thorough due diligence and developed a robust business case. I would advise anyone who is looking at franchising as a way forward to speak to FranchisingWorks.”

FranchisingWorks Business Advisor Annette Dhami supported Basith through his start-up process and adds:

“Basith encapsulates our whole ethos as a programme of supporting talented individuals into viable business opportunities. It has been a pleasure to help him to prepare for supported self-employment; I wish him all of the best in growing his business.”