FranchisingWorks Addresses the Forces

Addressing service men and women preparing to leave the armed forces, FranchisingWorks delivered a keynote speech at the Tidworth resettlement barracks last month explaining franchising as route into self-employment. The occasion was a day-long introduction to self-employment as part of the resettlement process for service leavers.

FranchisingWorks’ Managing Director Simon McNeill-Ritchie was joined on the platform by Andy Darby, an experienced ChipsAway franchisee who had previously served in the army for eleven years. Alongside was Tom Maxwell, a former navel officer, now Franchise Support Manager for Lawnscience. The former servicemen presented their personal experiences leaving the armed forces and entering franchising.

The presentation about franchising was the first of its kind and attracted considerable interest among the men and women present.

“Those of us involved with franchising already know the strength of the model”, comments Simon McNeill-Ritchie. “It was great to speak to an audience today who had initially heard little about franchising but quickly understood the additional value of it as a route into self-employment for those who had previously worked in a highly structured environment such as the armed forces.”

Later in the day, the audience heard from the Royal British Legion about the Be the Boss programme that they run to help former service personnel set up their own businesses, for which FranchisingWorks is a delivery partner. The programme offers funding, training and mentoring support. “I am a great believer that ex forces personnel as a whole have a lot to give, be it as an employee or working for themselves and the characteristics of a good soldier/seaman/airman are exactly what one would hope to see in a franchise”, said Andy Darby. “I can only hope that as many high calibre individuals as possible take on board the opportunity that is being presented to them.”

More information can be found about the Be the Boss programme on their website: