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Stretch-n-Grow Franchise Review

Stretch n Grow
Stretch n Grow
Stretch n Grow Franchise

Stretch-n-Grow Franchise Review

As a Stretch-n-Grow franchisee you will be passionate about child development, bring a wealth of energy and skills in developing relationships within your local children’s sector and  subsequently delivering the service as a coach. This growing UK Children’s franchise review boasts:

Introduction to Stretch-n-Grow:

  • Classes in exercise, nutrition and health for children
  • UK franchising since 2003, 20+ franchisees
  • Based in Crewe, not bfa member but meets Associate standards

Stretch-n-Grow Franchisee qualities:

  • Desire to work with children from 18 month up to 7 years.
  • Must be physically fit, have a good base level of fitness
  • Believe in the benefits of regular exercise, good diet and positive habits

Day to day activity in a Stretch-n-Grow Childrens franchise:

  • Delivering Classes
  • Contacting new and existing clients
  • Visiting new and existing clients (support provided)
  • Meeting and managing Coaches
  • Preparing materials and reports

Key Selling Points:

  • An holistic health programme delivered on a weekly basis to Nursery, schools and other ‘early Years Settings’. The programme follows Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum at nursery and Key Stage 1 in Primary school.
  • Establishes patterns and a positive attitude at an early age that will be the foundation for a continuing physical conditioning programme and good health

Stretch-n-Grow Franchise Review Business Model:

  • Revenue is generated from child enrolment fees or from a nursery/school contract for 20-45 minute classes once or twice per week charged to parents.
  • Franchise fee: £9,600+VAT.
  • Total investment: £15-20,000
  • Established Earnings: £32,000+*
  • Funding Available: 100%

Support available:

If you’re interested in starting a Stretch-n-Grow franchise you may be entitled to FREE start-up support through the FranchsingWorks Programme which includes vetting, research, business planning and financial forecasting. Please complete the enquiry form for to book a free consultation.

(*This is not a guarantee of earnings. This figure is based upon performance of previous franchisees within the Stretch-n-Grow Franchise Network. You should conduct your own due diligence to check any figures)