What a difference a day makes! From an explorer open day to being your own boss



Daniel Yupet was introduced to Motivation & Co. at a workshop held in Manchester through franchisingWorks. It was not a business that he expected to be inspired by but after hearing the passion and enthusiasm of its founder Elaine Everett he decided to attend an explorer day held in a Manchester Care Home Acacia Lodge part of the Avery Healthcare group, whose residents had never experienced the Motivation & Co. Class before. Daniel was so inspired by what he saw he knew he had found the business which was right for him. With the help & support from both FranchisingWorks & Motivation & Co. Danial’s first customer Laural Court Nursing home are really excited to be the first Care Home in South East Manchester to experience the Motivation & Co. taster session on the 1st December.

Image 3What is Motivation & Co.? It is a company that specialises in the delivery of Motivational Therapy to residents within the healthcare sector. A registered training centre: It is fully researched by Leeds University, which demonstrates that the company really does make a difference.

NHS Hertfordshire chose Motivation & Co. as their professional body to create and assessment evaluation and programme to prevent falls with dementia clients, the report also showed a 66% improvement in clients’ mobility and potentially save the NHS in excess of £78,000 over 10 weeks. Plus the materials used within the sessions have been developed specifically, making them unique to the business and include a patented game.


image 2What is FranchisingWorks?  Is an innovative social enterprise that tackles unemployment by helping to create new businesses and jobs through franchising. Led by franchise specialists, FranchisingWorks provides jobseekers with the independent advice and practical support needed to become franchisees of existing franchise businesses, and introduces suitable franchisee candidates to reputable franchisors. It also helps successful candidates with insufficient financial resources of their own to access additional finance.


FranchisingWorks was formed in response to the 2008 recession, establishing the case for including franchising as one solution to tackling the ensuing unemployment crisis. Today the business is well established, with strong relationships with all the key stakeholder groups. The model supports unemployed people at all stages of the process: from promoting franchising to candidates who are unaware of the opportunities it provides, through overcoming the financial barriers to entry, to launching a successful business, to matching franchisees to suitable, viable franchise businesses.


Daniel’s journey into Franchising is as a result of a well worked process highlighting that a motivated candidate with little franchise experience and some minor challenges can start their career ambitions through becoming a franchise owner of the Motivation & co franchise.


Contact details: Elaine Everett Motivation & Co. (UK) Ltd.

Telephone: 01937 557 166

E-mail: info@motivationandco.com