The Card Group Franchise Review

The Card Group

A worldwide winning concept “We are different”

The Card Group franchise concept is built on Card Groups core value to be ”different”. Their designs, themes, materials and services are fully harmonised with their core value to be different.

Founded in Sweden in 1997  CardGroup now  has Master Franchise offices in 44 countries worldwide and is the world’s most widely sold Greeting card and gift distribution franchise and is a success in every country.

The market’s best-selling products and widest product range

Card Group has developed a unique and market-leading range of greeting cards and associated gift products which are bestsellers within each product category. Their products, with unique designs and styles have the highest quality in the market. With a complete product range that perfectly complements the stores product offering to consumers. The product range consists of thousands of designs of greeting cards, gift bags, gift wrap, ribbons, bows, candles, balloons, accessories and many more products. In addition to these products, they also offer some of the market’s bestselling stickers, a range that is completely different in terms of designs, themes and materials to what available elsewhere. With high quality products that are different, innovative, value for money and fully in line with their core value to be different. Card Group continues to invest in product development and new products thereby generating increased sales and profits for all parties.

Unique system and a huge market in the UK worth more than 1,4 billion pounds

The greeting card market in the UK Is worth over 1,4 billion pounds plus an enormous market for our other products stickers, bags, candles etc. Our products are sold through various different outlets such as supermarkets, petrol stations, bookshops, gift shops, toy shops, kiosks, etc. A unique system where you offer stores our products on consignment. Stores only pay for products once they have been sold, this means that the stores do not take any risk. There is no hard selling involved as you offer the stores something which is free. It’s a win/win situation for them. Many stores will now earn money from space in the stores where they previously sold no products at all.

The franchise – You become the stores personal “1 stop” Greeting card and Gift distribution supplier

In Card Group you become so much more than a greeting card franchisee. You offer stores a total Cards and Gift ”boutique” concept  which means that you have a huge advantage against competitors selling only cards and bags. Their product range is so wide that it opens the doors to many new type of stores and retail formats that are interested in  products other than just greeting cards. ‘We are creating a new market’ – (Card Group Master Franchisee, UK North.

Your designated territory will deliver to you an excellent Income from selling a huge number of products through your potential  network of 100 – 200 stores. You visit stores monthly to restock the displays and invoice for products sold. The products sell themselves, all from the markets most attractive and widest range of display units, that  work for you 7 days a week.

A complete business system with top selling products, all material you need, initial and on-going training and full support from their UK offices. Your business can be run from home and you only need a car, telephone, computer and a small storage area. No previous experience is necessary.

They invest £15.000 in reducing stock price for you, the Card Group will help finance your growth. Only £2995 + VAT in investment to start a Card Group Management FULL AREA franchise. Credit  available on all stock for your new stores, and also on your merchandising stock. They want to help you make the most of your 1st year cashflow.

Build your own home-based full-time or part-time greeting card and gift distribution business for as little as £2995 + VAT, for a full area, which also INCLUDES  stock for your first 16 stores worth approximately £4.350 + VAT. NB ,  a  start up support fee of £1000  + VAT may be applicable.

Card Group have expanded rapidly in the UK with a large number of franchisees since our launch.  In order to respond to the high demand for our unique products all over UK and to get national coverage more quickly, to be able to take care of new national accounts, Card Group Sweden have decided to support and help finance all new franchisees with a franchise start – up support budget worth up to £15.000 of products. Card Group help finance  products/displays for all your new stores. A unique franchise opportunity and one of the best financial back up in the franchise Industry. We invest because we believe in your new Greeting card and Gift distribution franchise business.

THE CARD GROUP DO NOT MAKE OUR LIVING BY SELLING FRANCHISES. They make their living from successful franchisees buying cards from them.

Card Group Franchise Review Business Model:

  • Franchise Fee: £2,995 +VAT
  • Total Investment: £7,500
  • Established Earnings*: £30,000
  • Funding Available: Upto 100%

Support available:

If you’re interested in starting a The Card Group Franchise you may be entitled to FREE start-up support through the FranchisingWorks Programme which includes vetting, research, business planning, financial planning and support in accessing franchise funding. Please complete the enquiry form to book a free consultation.

(*This is not a guarantee of earnings. This figure is based upon performance of previous franchisees within the Network. You should conduct your own due diligence to check any figures)